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Rainbow Fruit Cake (Less Sugar) 彩虹水果蛋糕 (少糖)

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🍰 Size: 7″inch
⚖️ Weight: Approx. 1.7kg
👥 Portion: 8-10 Pax

🏡Self Pickup:
Shop: Spring Labs @ Eco Spring, JB (Tue-Sun: 2pm – 7pm), Click 👉MAP

🚚Cake Delivery to Door:
Johor Bahru area – (Mon: 9am-2pm; Tue-Sun: 2pm-6pm)
Delivery Fees: Check your delivery Zone & Fees 👉HERE👈 before place order.

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Rainbow Fruit Cake specially design as less sugar less sweet but with colourful rainbow layered cake. We are strictly select only fresh imported Fruits everyday as the main ingredients.

Topped with Fresh Mango Dice, Strawberry, Blueberry, and White grape layered by homemade 7 colours less sugar rainbow cotton cake, covered with special made Dark Chocolate Ganache and Chocolate Rice.

Fruits might be different based on daily fruit market available.



Mango, Strawberry, Blueberry, White Grape, Imported French Butter, 70% Dark Chocolate, Chocolate Rice, Food Colouring, Flour, Eggs, Sugar, Milk.

Our cakes are all Handmade, without preservations, less sugar & less flour. All our ingredients are strictly selected, to make sure we bring the best quality cake to you.


Keeping Method:

This cake have to keep in chiller once receive. It can keep in chiller for 2 days.

We recommend to finish it within 2 days



We only accept pre-ordering at least 3 days in advance after remitted or bank-in. Because we bake daily and ensure the freshest cake brought to you.

All the product pictures showed are for reference purpose only, there might be difference on size of fruits.

This product have contain No Alcohol, No pork, No lard.

Contain dairy products, it’s Non-Vegan.



















Weight 1.7 kg
Dimensions 21 × 21 × 15 cm

1 review for Rainbow Fruit Cake (Less Sugar) 彩虹水果蛋糕 (少糖)

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