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• Any changes on date and address MUST inform us 3 DAYS IN ADVANCE, the changes subject to our distribution schedule.

• Delivery area coverage only for Johor Bahru and Kuala Lumpur

• Please check the Delivery Coverage Area, available time and days before placing the order.

• To avoid courier company unable to deliver on the appointed date, we will send the goods 1 day in advance, therefore you may receive the goods before or at the appointed date.

• The Courier company is delivering by large refrigerated truck, please MAKE SURE that your house security guard allows the truck to enter, otherwise please be responsible for any delivery obstacles.

• If the courier company could not delivered on the preferred date, or you are not available or not showing up, PLEASE CALL the courier company, you may also ask them to re-deliver or collect the goods at their warehouse.

• Because we are delivering through the courier company, all the delivery process is beyond our control. We DO NOT responsible to all the delivery problems.

Disposal of cake damage:

• During the transportation, the courier truck body will be shaking due to bad road condition. We will not responsible for any damages that might cause the cake by displaced by 3-5cm, side damage or the decoration is dropped.

• Open the parcel to check the condition of the cake immediately after you receive it. So that to avoid any embarrassing situation when you are celebrating.

• If the cake is seriously damaged (the cake is smashed, not formed, and it is totally different from original cake), please take photo in the first place (you need to take photo of the cake in the cake box), and please contact us on the same day immediately! If it is obvious that the delivery is artificially negligent during transportation, we will contact the delivery company at the first place. Please do not throw away or eat the cake! Please keep the status at the time of receipt to avoid disputes with the delivery company.

• Please be sure to contact us on the same day and send us the photo by message (including the outer box and the damaged product photo)

• We will do our utmost on packaging and reduce the damage of the cake, but there are many unpredictable situations during the delivery. Please read this precaution before placing an order.

• If you are not the receiver, please inform your respective receiver!

• You may also read Return & Refund Policy.

Once the order has placed, it means that you understand all the instructions and agree. We will not deal with any disputes that fail to comply with the instructions. If it is not acceptable, please do not order!!

We have repeatedly stressed that “delivery has a certain risk”. If you decide to choose the delivery, for your rights, please be sure to abide by the above rules. We have design and improve our packaging to protect our cakes to minimize the damages from any factors during delivery, but we cannot guarantee to you that the cake must deliver with flawlessly!!

From receiving the cake from us to delivery, the courier will pass through 2-3 transfer stations along the way. The delivery man at each station is different. The cake is not hand held by the delivery man, but it is placed in the freezer refrigerator truck, even if they staff at each station very careful, there might be a huge sway of the truck body due to poor road conditions, road accident or crowded delivery during the holiday season. The truck is often stopped by different destination, causing the temperature of the freezer lose its temperature. These factors cannot control by us.

We handmade our every cakes very carefully so that to serve you the cake perfectly, every cakes is our efforts, we also do not want to see our cakes be damaged, our heartbreaking is much more than any one of our customers. Business is not easy. We would rather tell the worst possible situation that might occur, better than the exhaustion of both sides when the incident does happen.

We will do our very best on the packaging to minimize the cake damage. Because all the delivery is not under our control, please be understanding if there is any delivery problem.

Please contact us at or whatsapp us at 016-7665613 if you have any questions or doubts.

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