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Dark Chocolate Concave Cake 浓郁巧克力凹蛋糕


🍰 Size: 7″inch
Image result for weighting scale emoji Weight: Approx. 500g
👥 Portion: 7-8 Pax

🏡Self Pickup:
Shop: Spring Labs @ Eco Spring, JB (Tue-Sun: 11am-6pm), Click 👉MAP
House: Mount Austin, JB (Mon-Sun: 9am-8pm)

🚚Cake Delivery to Door:
Johor Bahru area – (Daily: 9am – 6pm)
KL | PJ | Klang area – (Saturday Only: 9am – 6pm) (If Public Holiday on Friday, delivery will change to Sunday)
Delivery Fees: Check your delivery Zone & Fees 👉HERE👈 before place order.

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The first ever cake in Malaysia that flows with Cool Lava. Because of it’s outlook concave shape and named as “Concave Cake”.
It’s looks ugly and like a Volcano with concave curving in the middle, but inside flowing with cool & smoothy lava with Rich Dark Chocolate.
Taste a little bitterness and sweetness cool dark chocolate like ice cream just flowing smoothly within your mouth.
And it’s perfect for hot tropical weather in Malaysia while enjoying Ice Cool Lava under the hot weather.

Morihana Pastry is the First Concave Cake bakery in Malaysia, we have spend 1 year to modify as our own preference concave cake. And it’s one of the most popular cake selling in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, & China.

70% Belgium Dark Chocolate cultivated from Guanaja Island, Belgium cocoa powder, Flour, Eggs, Sugar, Milk.
Our concave cakes are all Handmade, which without addictives, without preservations, without cream, without butter, less sugar & less flour. All our ingredients are strictly selected, to make sure we bring the best quality cake to you.

Keeping method:
1) Keep in Freezer. The cake must be slice when it is still in frozen, wait 5 minutes for the cake to melt after slicing. And you may begin to enjoy it. This is the best condition to enjoy this cake and it will taste like Ice Cream. You may put back the cake back to freezer, can keep for 5 days at least.
2) Keep in Chiller. The cake take out from Chiller, the lava will flowout once slicing. Advisable to finish within the day.

We only accept pre-ordering at least 4 days in advance after remitted or bank-in. Because we bake daily and ensure the freshest cake brought to you.

All the product pictures showed are for reference purpose only.
This product have contain No Alcohol, No pork, No lard.



1)放冷冻freezer冰冻收藏,要吃的时候拿出来,切开蛋糕,等5分钟开始有融浆就可以吃了。 吃起来会比较像Ice cream哦 。吃不完的可以放回冷冻。可以收藏5天


Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 10.2 cm

No Topping, Add Mango


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