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Dark Chocolate Coffee Tiramisu Pie 黑巧咖啡提拉米苏派


👉Enter promo code: promo12👈 After Discount RM108
👉Enter promo code: promo12👈 After Discount RM108
👉Enter promo code: promo12👈 After Discount RM108
❗Not available on 12,13,14 May

🍰 Size: 7″inch
⚖️ Weight: Approx. 1.2kg
👥 Portion: 7-8 Pax

🏡Self Pickup:
Shop: Spring Labs @ Eco Spring, JB (Tue-Sun: 2pm – 7pm), Click 👉MAP

🚚Cake Delivery to Door:
Johor Bahru area – (Mon: 9am-2pm; Tue-Sun: 2pm-6pm)
Delivery Fees: Check your delivery Zone & Fees 👉HERE👈 before place order.

Buyer’s name will not included unless stated. We DO NOT write words on cake.

with 2 Ice Pack (can sustain for 2 hours in normal temperature)

Dark Chocolate Coffee Tiramisu Pie has specially design as 4 different layers, and modified from traditional smoothy Tiramisu to layered textured Tiramisu.
Strictly use only the Espresso, Mascarpone Cheese and 70% Dark Chocolate as main source ingredient.
Topped with smooth Coffee Mascarpone Cheese with cocoa powder, next layered with Dark Chocolate Mousse, and handmade cake as a middle base. Bottom is supported with Nama Dark Chocolate with suprisingly crisp texture at the middle. Lastly based with handmade pie base.
Break the traditional Tiramisu and bring you the wonderful combination of NEW Tiramisu.

Coffee, 70% Dark Chocolate, Belgium Cocoa Powder, Mascarpone Cheese, Quality Whipping Cream, Liqour, Imported French Butter, Flour, Eggs, Sugar, Milk.

Our cakes are all Handmade, which without addictives, without preservations, less sugar & less flour. All our ingredients are strictly selected, to make sure we bring the best quality cake to you.

Keeping Method:
This cake have to keep in chiller, it can keep in chiller for 2 days. We recommend to finish it within 2 days.

We only accept pre-ordering at least 4 days in advance after remitted or bank-in. Because we bake daily and ensure the freshest cake brought to you.

All the product pictures showed are for reference purpose only.
This product have contain little Alcohol, No pork, No lard.






Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 10.2 cm
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