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Lava Custard Mooncake 奶黄流心月饼

One Box contain 6pcs

🧈Salted Egg Custard Lava Mooncake (50g) x2 pcs

🍫 Dark Chocolate Lava Mooncake (50g) x2 pcs

🍇 Raspberry Lava Mooncake (50g) x2 pcs

*(flavor cannot choose or mix)*

👉Order 1 box: RM69/box

👉Order 5 box & above: RM69/box + Free Shipping (Limit to one delivery address)

👉Order 10 box & above: RM65/box + Free Shipping (Limit to one delivery address)

👉☎ Advisable Ordering through Whatsapp:

📆Pre-order Date:10th Aug 2021 – 30th Sep 2021

🏡Pickup: Eco Spring Labs >

🚚JB Delivery Fees will be based on different area >

🚚JB Outskirt delivery area: KL/Penang/Ipoh/Seremban/Melaka West Malaysia Main City Delivery only.

*(delivery date not allow to choose. Once order placed will be shipped out within 3-5 days, delivery lead time 1-3 days, tracking number will be provided)*

👉☎ Advisable Ordering through Whatsapp:

🎁Storage: Keep in Room Temperature 3 days / Chiller Fridge 7 days / Freezer Fridge 20 days

🎁Best consume:  *within 3 days once received*

😋Best Consume Instruction:For Room Temperature or Chiller Fridge, Microwave for 10 sec, Its best to eat with Hot Lava Custard
*(Note: For Freezer Fridge transfer to Chiller defrost at least 1 hour, than Microwave for 10 sec)*

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