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Morihana Pastry

🍎🌹法式玫瑰苹果派 – 线上教学课程

🍎🌹法式玫瑰苹果派 – 线上教学课程 教你从零到有成品。初学者都可以学会哦。 1) 学习如何制作油酥塔皮 2) 百搭的法式杏仁馅做法 3) 苹果怎样防黑和卷苹果技巧 4) 玫瑰苹果酱做法 5) 如何选择苹果的品种制作 6) 玫瑰香缇奶油制作 Online 教学的好处: 可以一直7/24重复观看视频学习 关于烘焙上的任何问题,可以直接提问老师。老师都会在线帮忙解决 Close Group交流群组,大家都能够一起交流 教学现在只需RM99 想加入学习,可以点击下面pm我了解详情哦 请follow 我的免费专页,同时也可以互相交流烘培心得哦 > 我也会在我的专页经常分享烘焙知识哦

Promotion RM15

We are offering RM15 discounts with every minimum purchase of RM80 for every cakes. COUPON CODE: promo15 The promotion has extended to 28 April. HOW TO USE COUPON & ORDER: First, you need to Register New Account to use Coupon and get Reward Points. Click MY ACCOUNT on… Read More »Promotion RM15

New Website Discount

We are restructuring our new website with other platform now. Our website now has added “Select Shipping Type”, Delivery Location” & “Delivery Date” function. We have also enhanced our rewarding system. In order to celebrate our new website launch, we decide to give all users to get RM5… Read More »New Website Discount

Dine-in menu

Morihana Pastry @ Spring Labs Our outlet is located at Spring Labs @ Eco Spring Johor Bahru We serve different varieties of small pastries exclusively for Dine-In or Take-away. We also serve Flower Tea, Coffee, Hot Chocolate, and Juice. Every season we will also serve Special Limited Seasonal… Read More »Dine-in menu

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